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JK Heavy Duty Raised Tracbar Bracket

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This heavy bracket is designed to take serious abuse and replace your front 30 or 44 JK factory trackbar bracket. The 1/4" thick precision cut and formed components of this setup out perform the competition.

NOTE: This bracket offers raised trackbar holes at 1.75" and 3.0". THIS BRACKET IS FOR USE WITH A DRAG LINK FLIP (WHICH REQUIRES A NEW TRACKBAR, MINIMUM 3" LIFT and BUMPSTOP EXTENSIONS). This bracket has nothing to do with your lift amount.

If your lift replaces your trackbar and mounts to the factory axle bracket (typical with a lift that includes an adjustable trackbar), choose FACTORY HEIGHT BRACKET. STOCK BRACKET REPLACEMENT.

Features include:

1/4" mild steel. Precision CNC cut and bent for great fitment.*

Replaces factory bracket for those with 2.0" lift or higher.

Lifts factory sway bar mount 1.75"
Adjusts roll center 3 inches higher for greater stability.
Allows rotation of steering dampener to top side of tie rod for greater clearance.
Improves ground clearance over factory brackets.