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Welding Shims

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Do you hate grinding down misalignment spacers or trying to bend tabs and brackets so you can reinstall parts after welding or powder coating the perfect bracket?  As you know the welding process causes extreme heat in fabricated parts.  Because of this heat, tabs, brackets and assemblies being welded together can shrink or move slightly due to that heat.  The amount of movement that will occur in that welding process is difficult if not impossible to calculate.  Because of this, these weld shims can be used in welding applications where exact precision is not really needed.  These weld shims are inserted during the fit up and welding process then removed to make sure assemblies will have enough tolerance after the individual parts of the product are welded together.  This added space will allow for ease of assembly and maintenance of things like shocks, steering and suspension links.

Individual sets include four (4) shims. Master pack includes eight (8) of each size.