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Universal Winch Mount Tray 33" Wide

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Motobilt products are designed from decades of experience manufacturing products in the offroad industry and building world class rock crawlers.  The universal winch trays are no exception.  The Motobilt Universal Winch Mount Tray offers functionality, quality and value.  The universal winch tray is laser cut from 1/4” high strength steel plate and formed on our CNC press brake.  The universal winch tray measures 33 inches wide to fit Jeep YJ and TJ frames.  Front to back the winch mount measures 8”. The winch tray can easily be cut down for other applications.  We did not add holes and decorative cutouts to the front of the winch mount to allow the fabricator more options if the tray needs to be narrowed.  The front fairlead opening and the bolt patterns for the winch/fairlead are industry standard patterns.  The fairlead holes are 7/16” and measure 10” center to center.  The winch mounting pattern is 10” x 4.5”.

The universal winch tray has fairlead mount locations on the front face of the winch tray for transitional winch recovery purposes and one located in the bottom of the winch tray.  Years of experience building professional completion rock crawlers and Ultra 4 cars has proven using a winch as a “suck down” winch to compress you suspension helps in steep climbs. Before climbing a steep ledge if you winch the front suspension down it will prevent the suspension from unloading when ascending reducing the risk of flipping your vehicle over backwards.  Please keep in mind it will not prevent it.  You should always drive with caution. 

The universal winch mount tray is shipped bare steel.  No mounting holes are provided in this winch tray for bolting to a vehicle.  This tray is intended for the fabricator building something custom. 

Winches and fairlead are sold separately.  If you need help choosing a winch please contact our experienced staff for assistance. 

Weight: 30lbs (approx.)