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Universal Transmission Cross Member Kit

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When building custom vehicles, and changing out the driveline you may find yourself needing a new transmission mount. The Motobilt Universal Transmission Cross Member Kit provides a DIY kit with the parts needed to custom build a solution for your project.

Tube Components:

  • Quantity 2 - 20 inch long sections of 1.75" x 120 wall DOM tubing
  • Quantity 1 - 14 inch long section of 2" x 120 wall DOM tubing 

The 14" piece provides a sleeve to slide the outer two pieces into, and the 1.75” pieces can be used straight or formed;  based on what your specific needs are. The Large Trick Tab included is fabricated from laser cut 3/16” thick steel plate. The top flat section of this tab was left blank to allow the installer to choose where to drill holes for their specific transmission mount. The top section of the trick tab measures 6” x 2-3/4”.

Welding and fabrication is required to install this kit. It does not come with specific install instructions as the procedure would vary greatly depending on your application and components the tube would need to clear. If forming is required for your fitment, you will need a tube bender capable for forming 1-3/4 x .120 DOM round tubing. Keep in mind the 14” long 2” tube can be trimmed if you need more room for tube bends on the 1.75” tubes.

Why would you want you to bend the tube? In some applications you way want the transmission mounts slightly lower than the frame rails. Forming the tube and lowering it can create additional clearance for the front driveshaft to pass.

QTY 4- MB4005-500 tabs
QTY 2- MB2043 poly bushing kits with sleeves
QTY 1- MB2178-200 - long blank trick tab 3/16” thick and for 2” round tube
QTY 1- 14” long - 2” x .120 DOM
QTY 2 - 20” long - 1.75” x .120 DOM
QTY 2 - 1/2-13 x 4.5 bolts
QTY 2 - 1/2-13 lock nuts

This product pairs well with either our 4 Link Suspension Mount Skid System for Jeep YJ or the same kit for Jeep TJ/LJ