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Tube Armor: 48 in

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Want to beef up a section of tubing, whether it's lower links, tie rod, sliders or a section of cage, without adding a lot of weight? Artec Tube Armor is the answer. Contrast that to using a full length of thicker tube and you not only save weight but money since thicker tubing is significantly higher. Plus it generally means easier packaging than thicker tube since you don't have to worry about the added girth. This tube reinforcement is a great way to add protection exactly where it's needed.

CNC Laser cut and CNC bent from 3/16" mild steel
70 degree bend fits tubing from 1.5" OD up
Plate Steel Bend actually adds strength to your tubing making is less susceptible to bending
Tube armor takes most of the physical abuse and can be replaced by simply cutting off and welding on a new need to replace entire tube
Available in 48 inch length...trim to needed length. Cut one piece in half for shorter lengths.
Shipped in raw steel
Perfect addition to our Easy Link Kits or Steering Kits