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Rock Light Universal Bracket

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Mounting rock lights to your off-road vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult.  In some applications you can mount your rock lights directly to a surface.  We have found being able to adjust the light direction can reduce shadows and better flood the area with light exactly where you need it. The Motobilt Universal LED Rock Light Mounts are designed with adjustability in mind.  We have engineered the tabs to make them easy to form by hand to get the perfect angle. 

The mounts are designed for Baja Designs LED Rock Lights and manufactured from 14 GA aluminum. The brackets can be used with other manufacturer’s LED rock lights.  Be sure to check the dimensions to ensure your light will fit.  The bracket is designed to bolt on with either a through bolt or a self taping screw. We have provided 3 slotted mounting holes to make it easier to find a location to mount your lighting. 

The brackets are sold in sets of two and shipped bare aluminum. Hardware and lights are not included.  



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