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Rear Stretch Tank and Skid Plate for Jeep YJ

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Stretching the wheelbase on a Jeep Wrangler YJ is a common modification for those looking to rock crawl in their square headlight rig. With decades of experience building Jeep YJ’s for extreme trails we developed our YJ stretch tank.  A little background on this tank.  It is not something new it is something the owner of Motobilt has been doing since the early 2000’s when he previously owned another manufacturer in the DIY fabrication parts space named Blue Torch FabWorks. The stretch tank in those days was the first to hit the market and was designed around the need for a tank when doing an XJ 2 YJ rear leaf spring conversion.  Since then more people are 4 linking and installing coil over shocks in the rear of their Jeep YJ requiring more room.  The stretch tank is a great option for this as well. The main difference between what was manufactured in the early 2000’s and now is the extra clearance for a little more stretch clearance for linked suspensions.  You can gain up to 8” of stretch depending on your axle and ride height / bump height. 

I am sure some of you have questions.  How does the Motobilt Jeep YJ Stretch Tank install?  Installation is easy and straight forward.  You can also see the install instructions here in the description.  You simply drop the factory Jeep YJ gas tank and the Motobilt Jeep YJ Stretch tank bolts into the factory bolt locations.  The Motobilt Jeep YJ Stretch Tank is designed to work with the factory frame.  It will NOT work with the Motobilt Back Half Frame Kit.  On top of the tank you will see two holes.  The holes are for the factory roll over vent valves in the plastic YJ tanks. If yours are dry rotted or cracked you will need to source a couple at a local parts store or online.  If your roll over valves are in good shape simply install them into the new aluminum stretch tank. The tank also features aluminum bungs for the fill hoses in the factory locations.  The Jeep YJ Stretch Tank is also precut for the factory sending unit. 

The Motobilt YJ Stretch Tank is 3D CAD designed to ensure a perfect fit every time.  The tank is laser cut and formed from high quality 11GA (1/8” thick) aluminum and then formed on a CNC press brake here in house at Motobilt.  We then TIG weld the tank completely on all seams. The aluminum fittings on the tank are CNC machined from high grade aluminum and TIG welded for the perfect seal. The skid plate portion of the assembly is also laser cut and CNC formed here in house at Motobilt.  It is constructed of 3/16” thick steel plate and features the Motobilt logo on the rear face. The tank is shipped bare aluminum. The skid plate and hold down straps for the tank are shipped bare steel and do require painting or powder coating before install. The kit also includes bolt plates to hold down the factory sending unit. 

All of the tanks we manufacture are designed and fabricated for off-road use only.

We stand behind our tanks and warranty them against manufacturer defect.  If your tank cracks under normal use we will replace it.

So what do you need to provide?  Well of course you need to prove a 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ in need of a wheelbase stretch tank.  You will need to provide the factory roll over vent valves from your existing tank or new ones if yours are not in good shape.  A gasket and/or gasket sealant suitable for fuel applications is required.  You will also want to ensure your factory filler hoses are in good shape. You will also need to supply some muscle power to get the new tank installed. 

We proudly manufacture the tank here in house at Motobilt in the USA!



  • Approximately 15 Gallon Capacity
  • Installs in the factory fuel tank location
  • Uses the factory sending unit / fuel pump assembly
  • Includes Steel Bolt Plates for the factory sending unit attachment
  • Allows for approximately 8” of stretch with larger axles like a 14 Bolt or Sterling 10.5
  • Aluminum Fuel Tank with a Steel Skid Plate
  • Fits Jeep Wranglers 1987 - 1995
  • Includes rubber liners to go between the tank and skid plate
  • Includes two laser cut and formed hold down straps

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