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JL / JT 3.6L: Crankcase Vent System Kit

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The TeraFlex JL / JT 3.6L: Crankcase Vent System Kit (CVS) prevents oil from being drawn into the intake by engine vacuum while driving on extreme inclines. This kit adds a second PCV valve to the front of the engine via an oil fill cap adapter and T-fitting. Adding a second PCV valve at the opposite end of the engine ensures only air is allowed to enter the crankcase vent system regardless of engine orientation while off-roading. A Ball Check Valve System cuts the flow of oil ensuring oil is kept away from the intake.
On steep inclines, engine oil flows to the rear of the engine and valve covers. At extreme angles, the factory PCV system allows engine vacuum to draw oil through the PCV valve and intake into the combustion chamber. This causes exhaust smoke from the burning oil and possibly hydro locking the engine and other internal damage.