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JKU Roll Cage Kit

SKU MB3033
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Rollovers and flops are a very real possibility to anyone that uses their Jeep off road. The factory jeep cage is constructed using stamped steel to simulate a cage look, but is no stronger than any other vehicle you see on the road today. The sport cages do increase the stiffness of the factory cage, but still rely on the factory mounting points.

The Motobilt MB3033 JKU cage kit replaces the factory stamped steel cage with 1-3/4” DOM 0.120” wall tubing. The Motobilt cage adds A-pillars where the only support in the front was the windshield. Another set of support is added behind the rear seats that include a C-Pillar and optional X-bar bracing.

The Motobilt JKU cage is precision cut on a fiber laser then CNC bent to provide a consistent and tight fit to your jeep. All the tubes are 1-3/4” DOM 0.120 wall tubes and come pre-notched and labeled to allow you to fit the cage together. All the cage mounting points are 3/16” steel and are bent and formed to the factory tub and we have doubled the cage mounting points for four to eight allowing the load to be spread out even more in the event of a rollover. All of the hardware necessary to install the cage is grade 8 and is included with the kit.

The Motobilt JKU is a replacement of the factory cage. The Motobilt cage requires the removal of the factory cage and the new cage welded in. Every cage comes with a set of assembly instructions that will guide you how to cut out the factory cage and assemble the new Motobilt cage. We recommend assembling the cage inside the jeep then it can be removed after assembly to be powder coated or painted.

The Motobilt JKU cage was designed for the user to be able to retain all the factory seats and seat belts, while also allowing for the factory hard top to be used. Factory and aftermarket soft tops can still be used with some modification. This cage is also designed to be used with the factory doors or any aftermarket half doors.

An optional B-pillar harness bar can be added to the cage to add mounting points for a seat belt harness for the front seats. Behind the rear seat passengers, you can add the optional C-pillar harness and X-bar which will add a seat belt harness mounting location for the rear passengers while also significantly increasing the stiffness of the Motobilt JKU cage. The mentioned optional tubes are included with this kit.  They are considered optional as the installer could opt to leave them out if needed. 

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The cage kit does NOT prevent injury or death when off-roading.  There are many factors leading to safety.  Even the most highly engineered and built race cage or chassis cannot prevent serious injury from occurring.  This part is for use Off-Road Only. Just because you install a cage does not mean you are 100% protected.  This cage kit should be installed by a qualified welder / fabricator. 


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