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Rear Bumper Frame Mounts for Jeep JT Gladiator

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The Motobilt MB1111 Heavy Duty Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets are an upgrade over the factory brackets.  With 64% thicker steel & larger, more continuous welds versus their factory counterparts, you will never have to worry about damaging your Frame Rail Brackets or your sheet metal.

The direct Mopar replacements are #68356518AA & #68356519AA which retail for $67 to $70 each ($140 for the pair).  Our Motobilt MB1111 Heavy Duty Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets retail for $199 for pair.  $60 more than the factory replacement parts.  What do you get for that extra $60?

64% thicker material

The factory Mopar Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets are constructed from 11 Ga stamped steel (0.12" thick).  Motobilt brackets are constructed from 3/16" (0.1875") thick laser cut & CNC precision formed steel.  Thicker steel = stronger part = less damage!

More welds

The factory brackets are held together with a twelve 3/32" stitch welds for a total of 21.4" linear inches of weld.  Our Heavy Duty Frame Rail Brackets are fully MIG welded all around with 3/16" fillet welds for a total of 37.4" linear inches of weld.  Our welds are twice as thick with 57% more welds.  Larger welds + more welds = more strength!

One stop shopping

Ever have to wait to get a factory part in from a dealership?  It's hit or miss on your wait time.

You don't have to go searching online or have to order & wait to get them in at your local Jeep dealership.  We have them ready to ship & can accompany your order for your MB1110 Gladiator Crusher Rear Bumper.  No waiting + no searching = happy customer!

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