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Do-It-Yourself RAM MOUNT
Artec Industries is excited to announce our Do-It-Yourself Hydraulic Ram Mount. This heavy duty ram mount is designed to take serious abuse and protect some of the most vital and expensive components of your vehicle - your steering. The unique design places your ram in its most effective and strongest location - close to the axle center-line not high above it, and yet protects it from the rocks with the integrated 1/4" thick skidplate. Fits both PSC Motorsports and Howe Performance double-ended hydraulic rams. Works perfectly with our ULTIMATE 60 High Steer Arms giving you the strongest hydraulic steering solution on the market. The ram mount also extends end-to-end of the axle tube reinforcing the axle itself against bending and shearing. The gusseting design reinforces the ram mount to protect against damage from impact.

Since this kit is DIY, you cut out the section for clearancing the third member. Works great for shortened 60 axles and 9 inch housings. Please consult the dimensions of the mount to ensure it will work for your axle. Artec is not responsible if it doesn't fit your application after you have modified it. Please reinforce the area around the cutout if it is close or overlapping the speed holes. Axle tube diameter is 3.125" but can easily be modified to work for any size.