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Competion Cut Corner Weld-On Rear Bumper for YJ-TJ

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Installing comp corners and stretching the wheelbase on your Jeep YJ and TJ can create clearance issues with a standard rear bumper. We are always looking for solutions to problems like this. The Motobilt Comp Cut Rear Bumper is the answer. This bumper fits flush with the sides of the frame.

How does it work? Often times comp cutting the rear of a Jeep YJ or TJ the rear corner body mounts are removed so the tire will not get into it. When this is done a standard bumper extends out into area where the sheet metal has been removed. You guessed it, in addition to be a clearance issue for some people it also creates an odd looking setup with the bumper sticking out. The Motobilt Comp Cut Rear bumper stops at the edge of the frame for a clean high clearance installation.

The bumper is laser cut and formed from 3/16’ high strength steel plate. The bumper has internal gussets to add support to the bumper assembly. The bumper features d-ring mounts for recovery. Like all Motobilt bumpers the d-ring mounts pass through the bumper and are welded on both sides for ultimate strength.

Installing the bumper is easy. After removing the existing rear bumper and rear corner body mounts you can get started. The rear cross member can be left in place. You will need to trim the left and right sides where it extends past the frame. The Motobilt bumper lines up flush to the top of your frame rails and centered from side to side. It welds into the place at that point. On each end of the bumper you weld to the frame and in the center we recommend welding it to the factory cross member. The bumper ships with two side frame plates that cap the bumper off. After you have weld the bumper to the frame you install the caps. The side caps weld to the frame and to the bumper. The last step would be polishing the welds around the edge of the bumper. If you can throw down with the welder and make clean welds you may want to leave them and show off a little.

Weight: 15lbs (approx.)


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