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Coil Over Shock Hoop Brace

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This innovative Motobilt Builder Kit has numerous benefits for the DIY'er at home or for the professional vehicle builder.

Front upper shock towers are needed when converting a vehicle from factory springs & traditional shocks to longer full coil-over shocks. Anyone can fabricate a simple tube to brace between the upper shock towers. Let's face it, that's the easiest & simplest way to brace shock towers.

For the more refined builder, this is an opportunity to not only add structural rigidity throughout the whole front frame but you can also do it in a stylish & functional way.

The 3/16" thick formed steel shock brace spans between a pair of tubular shock hoops (shock hoops sold separately) & bolts into place. The shock brace is completely removable to provide complete access to the engine. The kit includes a pair of left & right shock brace mounts that also double as front upper shock mounts.

You can set the distance between the front upper shock mounts, meaning it will work with 2.0 series shocks, 2.5 series shocks or ORI struts.

This is a BUILDER KIT. Extensive modification & fabrication of the vehicle is required. Welding is required.

Weight = 28lbs


Product Dimensions & Installation Instructions