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Centering Plate and Anti-Coning Rings for 17" DIY Beadlocks

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DIY Bead Locks have always been an issue to center the tire when installing to help balance the tire. The Motobilt Centering Plate Kit for 17" DIY Bead Locks solves this problem. In addition, it serves as an Anti-Coning Ring to help prevent the outer ring from "coning" inward when tightening the ring down to clamp the tire.

These specially designed 3/8" thick steel plates make the process of centering any of our 17" DIY Bead Lock Ring Kits an easy process.

Installing the centering rings is an easy process. The parts key together during the first step of bolting them in place. The parts sit on the outside face of the inner bead ring. Bolt them in and work them until they make as perfect of a circle as possible. At this point, you are not bolting the outer ring on, only the centering plates. Once you have them in place, a 3/4" long weld on each end of each plate will hold them in place. You do not have to fully weld them. The centering ring does not seal air in the wheel and tire. A side note here at the shop: we have done this process with the tire in place to ensure we are getting it as centered and as round as possible. Once you have all of the welds in place, you can remove the bolts to install the outer clamping ring on your DIY bead lock kit.

This kit includes six (6) plates, which is enough to complete one (1) bead lock wheel.
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Parts are shipped as raw, unfinished steel. Welding required.


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