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Bolt On Zip Tie Tab / Set of 10/ Stainless Steel

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The Motobilt Stainless steel bolt on zip tie mounts are cut in house on our fiber laser for precision.  The bolt hole diameter is 1/4”.  It can be mounted in an existing bolt location or with a self tapping sheet metal screw.  The tabs are a quick way to keep your electrical wiring, brake lines, fuel lines, hydraulic lines and more neat and organized. 

The tabs are sold in packs of 10.  When you receive them they will be micro tabbed together.  The micro tabs allow us to manufacture the parts at a much cheaper price and they stay together in your shop until you get ready to use one.  When you get ready to install the bolt on zip tie tab you simply snap one off by hand.  A quick touch of a grinder or sander will remove the micro joints. 

The tabs are 3/4” Wide x 15/16” Long x 11/16” Tall. The material is 14 GA laser cut stainless steel. 

The stainless steel version can be installed bare metal.