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B Pillar Chop Kit for Jeep JLU

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Your Jeep JLU will look custom, clean & open when running half doors!

The MB3044 JLU B-Pillar Chop Kit is a complete builder kit that allows you to build removable B-Pillars for your 2018+ Jeep JLU.

The kit comes with four (4) laser cut & CNC formed 16 Ga steel plates that are used to cap off the ends of your chopped B-Pillars. Our unique fastening system between these cap plates ensures the B-Pillars will not twist or rattle, while making removal & reinstallation both quick & easy.

Our kit includes self-adhesive closed cell foam pads that will be positioned on the underside of the upper B-Pillar after final painting, to aid in weather resistance, vibration dampening & help protect your paint from scratches.

Our kit also includes two (2) front upper seat belt mount blank-off plates. The blank-off plates attach to your factory B-Pillar interior plastic trim & cover the opening where the factory seat belts used to attach. This is a safety feature to ensure you DO NOT attach your front seat belts to the B-Pillars after the chop. This kit is intended to be used with an aftermarket cage. Your aftermarket cage is your new, safe location for seat belt mounts, rather than a chopped B-Pillar. This kit will NOT work with a factory cage.

The upper portion of your B-Pillar will be modified to mechanically fasten to an aftermarket roll cage. The kit includes rivnuts & fasteners where you will drill into your aftermarket cage, install the provided rivnuts, which then provides you with the threaded mounting points for fastening the upper B-Pillars.

NOTE: This is a permanent modification to your vehicle. You CAN NOT return your vehicle back to factory after this modification. Check your local laws & insurance before making this modification.

Parts are shipped as raw steel. Cutting of your B-Pillars is required. Welding required. Finish painting required.

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