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Artec Tire Tool Tray

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Ever drop a wrench in your engine compartment while working on it? Do you put your tools in a regular tool tray only to have them fall off your tire or hood while working? Ever mix up hardware and waste time trying to remember what bolt went where?

The Artec Tire Tool Tray is the first product in Artec Industries new line of TOOL CRATES...products designed for the mechanic/fabricator in mind to make life simpler. Now you can put your tools, hardware and small vehicle components in one secure and easy to access location.


Lightweight 1/16" Aluminum construction means you won't becarrying around unnecessary weight
Aircraft grade rivets hold it together providing maximum rigidity
Serrated feet grip rubber of tires ensuring your tools stay inplace
Flat bottom design means you can put the try on the floor
Low profile formed handle makes it easy to carry around and fitinside your wheel well. Customize it for additional comfort and distinctiveness
Adjustable compartments allow customize-able sections to holdwhatever small parts you want
Includes 3 dividers for separating hardware and other small partsfrom larger tools. More available separately.
Large enough to fit large crescent wrench
Stylish design matches the rest of your Artec parts and sets itapart from other generic tool boxes
BEAT-DOWN TESTED - 6 lbs sledge hammer dropped from 4 feet highover 10 times with only minor denting
Fits Multiple Tire Sizes - tested on 33" to 40".