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Anti Coning Ring for 17" DIY Bead Locks

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Anti Coning Rings are a rolled piece of steel that is used to create a stand-off between the steel wheel & the DIY inner bead lock ring plate. If you weld the DIY inner bead lock ring plate directly to the steel wheel, the heat from the welding process may cause the DIY inner bead lock ring plate to deform inwards, effectively creating a "cone" shape to the inner plate. This will cause issues when you attempt to bolt on the outer DIY bead lock plate & may not allow all holes to line up.

Our Anti Coning Rings first get welded to the inside face of DIY Inner Bead Lock plate (sold separately), then the Anti Coning Ring gets welded to the steel wheel. This two step process aides in preventing the deformation (coning) of the mounting plate & ensures all of the holes will align for an easy installation of your tire.

Anti Coning Plates are sold individually, shipped as raw steel & require welding.

NOTE:  fits 17" steel wheels


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