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Aluminum Cowl Armor for Jeep YJ / CJ

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Pushing your Jeep YJ / CJ hard off-road will eventually lead to body damage. The cowl area between the hood and windshield seems to be a magnet for trees and rocks to get into it. Motobilt offers a solution to protect the Jeep YJ / CJ cowl area with our cowl armor. The cowl armor is fabricated in house at Motobilt from high quality 3/16” aluminum plate. The cowl armor is installed with 5/16” bolts and depending on your setup rivnuts may have to be utilized. On our shop YJ we removed the heating unit components so we were able to use through bolts and nuts. The kit will include both rivnuts and lock nuts allowing the installer to decide how they might want to complete the install.

Install can be a little tricky simply because Jeep YJ and CJ tubs vary a little in shape. The easiest way to install the cowl armor is to sit the part on the side of the Jeep aligning them to your Motobilt rocker guards. Drill the bottom two holes through the hole in the countersunk hole. Keep in mind this hole diameter is smaller than what's needed for the rivnuts, so this is a great way to locate the starting holes. Install hardware to bolt down into these two holes. From here we take a long ratchet strap and connect it to the frame on both the driver side and passenger side of the jeep, letting it pass over the top of the Jeep. We tighten to compress the cowl armor of the Jeep perfectly completing the install one side at a time.


  • Driver side cowl armor
  • Passenger side cowl armor
  • Install Hardware.


The kit ships raw aluminum. Painting or powder coat will be required. We highly recommend installing them before painting to reduce the chance of scratching them when drilling holes and strapping them into place. The parts will likely have small scratches and scuff from the manufacturing process.


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