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15” Stretch Corners w/ high line for Jeep YJ

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Unlimited Stretches are growing in popularity for the Jeep YJ and Jeep TJ. Motobilt has answered the call by offering products to make this swap as easy as possible. The 15” Stretch Corners with High Line Openings work great with our 15” Jeep YJ Stretched Inner Fenders. Like any other corner the stretch corners bolt to the outside of the body.  The stretch corners not only serve to help with the Unlimited stretch on your Jeep YJ they also serve as body armor to protect your Jeep. 

The 15” Unlimited Stretch Corners for the Jeep YJ are fabricated in-house at Motobilt utilizing custom built tooling to form the corner for a perfect fit. They are laser cut from 3/16” steel plate.  The bolt holes are countersunk and mounting hardware ships with the corners.  The kit also includes two tailgate spacers. The parts are shipped in raw steel.  The installer will need to paint or powder coat the part to the color they choose. 

The kit includes both the driver and passenger side corners, two tailgate spacers and mounting hardware. 

NOTE: The corners only work with the high line replacement inner fenders we offer.  Here is a link to the inners: 15” Stretch Jeep YJ Rear Inner Fenders. Addtionally they will NOT work with a stock length Jeep YJ tub.  Stretching the body is required. 


The proper drill size for the 5/16 inch Rivnuts is 17/32”.

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