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15" Stretch Boat Side Rocker Guards for Jeep YJ

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What’s the best way to protect the lower edge of your Jeep YJ rocker body panels from trail damage?  Eliminate them.  If they are not there, then you can’t damage them.  Simple. 

Boatside rocker armor isn’t new, but we have perfected the installation to make it easy, guess free & fast to install.  One of the most daunting tasks to cutting the rocker body panels of your perfectly good Jeep YJ is how much to cut, where to cut, how to cut it straight, how to make it strong & how to make it look great. 

Our boatside rocker guards will gain approximately 3-3/4” of vertical rocker clearance and approximately 3-3/8” horizontal rocker clearance per side. 

Our kit includes a pair of steel cutting guides.  Following our detailed step-by-step instructions, you simply position our cutting guides on the interior of the body then mark to get a perfect cut line.  The kit also includes interior floor panels to cover your trimmed area & helps finish the interior.  The interior panels can either be riveted or welded in place. 

The outer rocker panels are constructed from 3/16” high quality steel.  Countersunk holes are provided for a flush outer finished.  No bolt heads to get damaged or to get hung up on obstacles.  We provide end caps for each rocker panel, which you can choose to weld on, if desired.  Also included are a pair of bolt plates that tie your stretched rocker panels into our stretched corner armor panels. 

Our rocker guard system does not tie into the frame.  The advantage of this feature is that you can have no body lift or any size of body lift you choose.  A system that ties into the frame cannot accommodate various heights of body lifts.  Our system is independent of the frame & is positioned above the body mounts. 

All parts ship as raw steel.


The boat rockers will not work with the factory parking brake cable location.  If you are wanting to use the factory parking breake with this product you will need to relocate the cable  The rockers remove the section of the floor where this passes through. 


The proper drill size for the 5/16 inch Rivnuts is 17/32”.

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