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Discounts are shown in cart, no codes are necessary!

Rock Krawler TJ 5.5 Inch X Factor 5 Inch Stretch Stg 1 Lift Kit w/ Coilover Shocks 03-06 Wrangler

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$5,915.57 - $5,915.57
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Rock Kralwer TJ 5.5 Inch Trail Runner Stg 2 Coilover Long Arm Lift Kit 97-02 Wrangler

System Benefits:

  • Built for Taking Abuse
  • 99 Inch Wheelbase (5 Inch Rear Stretch)
  • Race Proven System
  • Independent Three Link Front End
  • Rear Triangulated 4 Link
  • 2.625 RRD Racing Front Coilovers
  • 2.625 RRD Racing Rear Coilovers
  • Allows for up to 35/37 Inch Tires with Flat Fenders
  • Allows for up to 37/38 Inch Tires with High Line Fenders
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

System Includes:
(2) 2.625 RRD front coilover shock assemblies
(2) Weld in front upper coilover mounts
(2) Weld in front lower coilover mounts
(4) High misalignment/double adjustable lower long arms
(1) Double adjustable front upper control arm
(1) Front upper control arm mount (axle side)
(1) Skid plate and skid plate mounting brackets
(2) 2.625 RRD rear coilover shock assemblies
(2) Weld in rear upper coilover mounts
(2) Weld in rear lower coilover mounts
(2) Double adjustable rear upper triangulated 4 link arms
(1) Rear triangulated 4 link mounting cradle/axle truss


  • Includes hardware and detailed instructions.
  • Requires minimum of 65 WMS with 3.5 inch Backspace Wheels or minimum of 67 WMS with 4.5 inch Backspace Wheels.
  • Requires a SYE with C.V. Driveshaft.
  • With long rear uppers, a custom cat back exhaust is required.
  • Rubicon Edition TJ's require a new rear driveshaft.
  • TJ's equipped with 4 speed automatics will require removal of the factory automatic transmission skid plate if so equipped to allow for proper front driveshaft travel.
  • Requires removal of the OEM rear upper control arm mounts off the rear axle.
  • Hydraulic bump stops and limit straps recommended.
  • Off-Road Pro long arm assemblies are available at an extra charge for those needing them based off axle configurations.
  • Steering geometry sold separately and based on axle configuration and availability (i.e. track bars, drop pitman arms, drag links, tie rods etc.).
  • Long travel sway bars are recommended for at least the rear.
  • Requires rear fuel tank conversion such as GenRight Comp Tank.
  • Body work required for rear stretch portion of lift.