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JLU Full Bellypan - 4 door 392 Hemi ALUMINUM

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Artec Industries' NEW JLU Wrangler Bellypan is designed to give your 2022+ Jeep Wrangler 392 full protection underneath the vehicle. Designed using CAD files directly from the manufacturer and ultra-precise 3D scans, this belly pan skid plate ensures that you have a great fit with factory components. Made from 1/4" thick 6061 Aluminum and 3/16" zinc plated steel, and CNC cut and formed, the Artec JL Bellypan Kit offers both a strong and lightweight solution for your new Jeep JL.

Lightweight Aluminum adds very little weight to the vehicle yet covers far more and is heavier duty than factory skids
6061 T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum is tougher than the other 5052 aluminum options on the market...there is a difference.
6061 Aluminum has a memory so when it bends, it pops back into shape...steel skid plates just dent and stay dented.
Increases ground clearance of 3/4" from factory skids and even more compared to other aftermarket skid plates
1/4" 6061 Aluminum for skid plates, 3/16" zinc plated steel brackets
Designed from factory CAD files and ultra-precise 3D scans for great and ultra precise fit.
CNC laser cut and CNC formed using custom rolled dies for high strength, unique look, and perfect contour fitment to OEM components.
All bolts under skid plate are countersunk for absolutely smooth bottom
Factory frame bolts replaced with countersunk bolts with tapered washers for improved rock clearance and less drag
All nuts are pressed into steel brackets for easy, one tool removal
Bolts directly to OEM T-case crossmember and frame using heavy duty flat head bolts that match OEM thread
No need for an aftermarket T-case crossmember for completely flat surface
Modular design lets you take off only one section for vehicle servicing
Extra stout coverage for the low hanging crossover exhaust tube
Protects Oil Pan, Transmission Pan, Gas Tank, Front Exhaust, and Transfer Case
OEM gas tank skid is replaced for reduced weight and 3/4" higher clearance*
Artec Gas tank skid can be removed without dropping entire tank thanks to new additional cross-member and tank strap.
Does not include the EXHAUST SKID behind the rear axle. Sold separately HERE.
INSTALL NOTE: We have found that the factory exhaust varies from vehicle to vehicle, with some hanging lower than others. We've tested and 3D scanned multiple vehicles to get the best possible locations of the exhaust but still can't always ensure that a particular vehicle's exhaust will match factory specs. To improve you exhaust clearance, the best action to do is to loosen all the hardware holding the OE exhaust in place; starting at the header downpipe and use a poll stand or jack to lift the exhaust up several inches, placing a load on the whole system so it’s not sagging, when you go to retorque the entire system in a better position. This will ensure that you have the best possible clearance for the bellypan and give you more clearance off-road.
*OEM gas tank skid removal required. For easiest install, remove skid when tank is near empty. See instructions for simple ideas on removing OEM gas tank skid.

NOTE: Some components are shared with other bellypans. Expect to see components with JL4101-, JT4150-, JL4104- and JL4112- prefixes.

NOTE: This product requires general mechanics skills and should only be installed by someone capable of using basic tools. Artec Industries is not responsible for incorrect installation. By purchasing, the customer agrees that they are fully responsible for correct installation.