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JLU DEF SKID - 4 door 3.0L Diesel ALUMINUM

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JLU DEF SKID - 4 door 3.0L Diesel ALUMINUM

This is the complimentary skid to the DEF and Exhaust tank skid for the JLU wrangler which is engineered for unrivaled heavy-duty strength and quality in off-road protection. Tailor your armor with our customizable skid plate, designed to suit your unique demands. Opt for the Full Bellypan System for total coverage or choose modular options such as Oil and Transmission Pan, Fuel Tank Transfer Case and DPF Exhaust Skid protection.

Our Alpha Series Bellypan System is meticulously crafted from 1/4" thick 6061 T6 heat-treated bare aluminum skids and 3/16" zinc-plated steel brackets, delivering extraordinary durability for any terrain. Precision CNC cut and formed, our Bellypan System seamlessly integrates with factory components to provide the ultimate shield for your vehicle's underbelly.

Embark on off-road adventures with confidence and conquer even the roughest terrains, knowing your vehicle is safeguarded by the unparalleled protection of Artec Industries Alpha Series Bellypan System - the leader in off-road armor.

The JL4110 is the DEF for the JL4169.

Features include:

Premium Materials: 1/4" 6061 T6 heat treated aluminum skids

Premium materials: Zinc-plated steel brackets

Designed from factory CAD files and 3D laser Creaform scan technology for precision and fit

CNC laser cut and formed for high strength and perfect fitment

Artec Industries custom bolts countersunk bolts that match OEM thread

No overlapping skid plate system

Gains additional ground clearance over OEM

Fuel tank drop eliminated with our additional strap

Crossmember is engineered for durability and strength

Easy installation

Easy servicing

Easy to remove access points

Easy maintenance

No rust

Light weight, high strength

American Made