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JK Rear Double ThrowDown EVOLever System (W/ Coilover & Bypass)

SKU EVO-1008
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The rear EVO Double ThrowDown System is engineered for the guys who like to go fast. This system utilizes a coilover just like our EVOLever and has all the same added benefits, aswell as an additional bypass shock each corner. With the addition of a bypass shock you have full external adjustability of the damping and “zones” within the shock stroke that allow the system to be position sensitive. This system gives you 14? of positions sensitive damping without the need for cutting holes in the body of your Jeep. Fits all Jeep Wrangler’s 07+, 2 Door and 4 Door Allows the uses of long travel coilover and external bypass shocks in the rear of your JK without the need for doing any major cutting. Absolutely no cutting of the body. Offers up to 14” of vertical wheel travel. Optimizes Long Arm suspension system, from every manufacturer without modification. (Rancho Long Arm/Rock Krawler needs modification). Offers the maximum amount of ground clearence with 14? travel. All key components fully protected and above axle at all times. Adjustable ride height Four Ply limit strap included. ¾ inch chromoly heim joints. Stainless steel misalignments Grade 8 hardware Allows for use of 35” up to 42” tires (Larger than 37: Body Trimming required). Notes: High Clearance Fenders Recommended Exhaust modifications required EVO Manufacturing is now shipping the rear EvoLever and Double ThrowDown sub frames with the bushing and pivot points preassembled and lubricated .This simple process will help ease the install and insure proper set up of the pivot points. Now the installer will be able to install this product faster which means you can enjoy all these great benefits of the Evo Lever Sooner.