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JK 1 Ton 14 Bolt Factory Disc ABS Kit Tone Ring: 52 Tooth

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Complete your 1 Ton Swap off by providing the JK computer correct data and eliminating codes and limp mode issues.

Kit includes ABS Sensor Mount and 60 Tooth Tone Ring for factory disc brake equipped 14 Bolt Rear Axle.

**Use of this kit may require an optional tuner which has access to adjusting Gear Ratio and Tire size. Your actual programmer settings may differ from the axle ratio and tire size on your vehicle depending on tone ring tooth count used. If using the 60 tooth option, speedometer may be off 1 - 3%. **

Laser Cut for precision reading from ABS Sensor. Machining of Hub and pressing on over machined surface is necessary.

Zinc plated for corrosion resistance and improved sensor feedback

THIS KIT IS INTENDED FOR USE WITH A NEWER STYLE 14 BOLT AXLE WITH RIBBING ON THE CASTING AND HAS A WMS-WMS MEASUREMENT OF 68" OR GREATER. This axle is referred to as an AAM 14 bolt 10.5" ring gear and is found in '99-'06 GM 2500 and 3500 SRW trucks.

14 Bolt Rear Axle with Factory Disc Brakes
BB1430: BB1411 ABS Sensor Mount and 52 Tooth tone rings

BB1431: BB1411 ABS Sensor Mount and 60 Tooth tone rings

-Individual parts that are in this kit and available separately:

BB1411: 14 bolt Sensor mounts

These mounts are used with JK Factory ABS Sensors. Select the Tooth count to match your front axle, Factory JK and aftermarket axles are typically 52 tooth and the 2005+ SuperDuty Dana 60 front utilizes a 60 Tooth tone ring.

If using a front axle without tone rings a second BB1411 can be used to add a second ABS Sensor to each wheel and then splice into the front sensor wiring.